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An independent creative agency,
named after Tore's aunt

Our guiding principle:

Compassion through craftsmanship. 


15 aunts make up this Norwegian creative agency that is a 3-year old start-up based on a 97 year old aunt. Our business idea is to embed qualitative insight into the creative process, disrupting a moss grown tradition of how advertising agencies define insight.

Ever heard of:



Through a home-grown tool for gathering data and insight called Slabberas, the agency seeks to move the wishful thinking of the boardroom, to the reality of the target group. 


Tante Randi’s mission is to bring accountability to the creative class, shifting power to the businessmen- and women in t-shirts.

 Educational agency 

Everyday wisdom

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Careful what
you wish for

 UNICEF Norway 

Don't let the vaccine become a luxury


it pays to relax

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