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Careful what you wish for

Norwegians are a bunch of capitalists dressed up as a social democracy. Still though it's frowned upon to change status when acquiring tons of cash. You can paint your house, but you can’t move into a new neighbourhood. Folkeautomaten, an online casino site, had a surge in jackpot-winners last year, getting attention in the press on their winners.


In the conversations we had with the target audience they all said that the press had them doing the same thing: Dreaming about what they would spend the money on. Careful what you wish for.


Fun fact: In Norway all brands other than the Norwegian National Lottery can only show their commercials through OfCom, creating the marketing equivalent of a small public pool in China on a hot summer's day. In other words: The ads have to stand out.

Production company: Motion Blur

Director: Harald Zwart

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